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Light is our Tool

Our technologies

Bernard Peuchot, Ph.D Engineer & mathematician, expert in 2D & 3D digital imaging & founder or VIDEOMETRIC, has developed and optimized a set of proprietary technologies, today used in numerous scientific and industrial systems.

More than 20 years of R&D in 2D / 3D digital imaging
“Spinal surgery augmented reality” prototype in 1996
Expert in very high precision displacement & distortion measurement
Expert in 3D monitoring of large scale infrastructures
Expert in 3D scanning and handling
Expert in 3D robotics : Guidance & Bin Picking

Since 1999, the VIDEOMETRIC team realized :

Numerous 2D & 3D infrastructure monitoring & 3D scanning of industrial objects
Various high precision 3D distortion measurement systems for major Research Labs
Several installations and maintenance of 3D robotic systems (24h/day production sites)
International patents filling

Touchless, fast and accurate

Useful to scientific and industrial worlds ...


Extracting quickly enough very precise measurements of an object or a phenomenon, getting useful quality information of a product all along its production process, if possible without any contact nor manipulation, here lie the major technologic challenges all 2D & 3D measurement companies must master now, to serve the today industrial and scientific markets.

Since 1999, VIDEOMETRIC installs and maintains industrial and scientific systems of exceptional performances, both from precision and speed aspects.
From its creation, VIDEOMETRIC designs, improves and uses :

  • "intra-image" sub-pixel libraries
  • 3D image matching libraries
  • specific & proprietary calibration methods
  • 3D visualization & measurement tools
  • robotic tools : 6 axes & Scara modelization

VIDEOMETRIC cumulates 15 years of successful experiences in new needs analysis, hundreds of high-end scientific studies, tens of industrial systems setups and maintenance.

3D Vision, why ?

2D & 3D industrial Vision


The use of 2D Industrial Vision tools (plane image analysis) is progressing in all productive segments. They are often mandatory to reach the "optimal quality", at every step of the production cycle : Production, assembly, packing.

It strongly helps logistics and transports, so worldwide distribution of products is achieved with the best possible efficiency.

Real world is 3D,
fast and accurate

But our reality is in 3 dimensions. To be efficient, 3D vision systems must truly answer industrial needs :

  • fast enough to be part of production cycles and improve its performances
  • accurate enough to efficiently measure the requested quality
  • cost wise to recoup them shortly in production costs.

VIDEOMETRIC technologies, optimized and field-proven for more than 15 years on various production lines, based on standard industrial components, fully respect those criteria.

The offer

Systems & Services

VIDEOMETRIC is offering:

1 . Configurable systems:

  • 3D digitization: Any dimension
  • 2D & 3D displacement measurement
  • 3D distortion measurement
  • 3D volumetry
  • 3D robotic vision
  • 3D handling (3D Bin Picking)
2 . Services:
  • new case studies
  • prototype design & industrialization
  • on site installation
  • maintenance
  • staff training
3 . Patents:
  • crankshaft balancing method
  • glassframe reader
4 . OEM relations:
  • Multi-market expertise
  • Proprietary technology tailored to OEM needs
  • exclusivity period on your specific markets


The "High precision & Speed" alliance


Running under Windows™, VIDEOMETRIC systems use proprietary software tools and an exclusive calibration method, in order to offer:

Intra-image precision:

  • 1/500th of a pixel
  • 1/50.000th of the field of view
Volumetric precision:
  • 4/1000th of the volume, (150 liters at 4m)
3D dimensional precision:
  • 1/10th of a µ on a 300x250mm field (speckle)
Acquisition speed:
  • Fringes 60 i/s: 3/10th of a second
  • Fringes 120 i/s: 15/100th of a second
  • Speckle: 1 acquisition
Cycle time:
  • "Pick & Place" response time: 0,8 second

Our tools: Light, and …

Mathematics !

Hardware tools:
  • Gigabit PoE CCD 640x480 (or more) cameras
  • Windows™ based PC i7 industrial computer
  • Industrial grade optics
  • Video beamers
  • Frames, switches
* Software tools:
  • ** Intra-image position calculation of an object
  • ** 3D position calculation on stereo pair of images
  • ** Ultrafast "fringe decoding" method
  • * Calibration tools
  • * 3D Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  • * 6/9 axes robot modelization tools
* Proprietary & exclusive
** Highly parallizable (FPGA & ASICs)

* Lighting:

  • Natural (Photogrammetry)
  • Structured: Fringes, speckle
* as needed

Augmented Reality

"++ Reality"

Augmented reality technics superimpose, if possible in real-time, a virtual 2D or 3D object to the natural reality perception. The supplemental information enhance reliability of a difficult operation and accelerate a maintenance task.

Exploration of those technics began, for Bernard Peuchot, in 1994. Since then, those tools are constantly improved and optimized.

Spinal surgery

In LASMEA labs, with the strong interest and kind cooperation of Professor Alain Tanguy, Scoliosis surgery specialist, several technics are developed and tested improving operating field perception, precisely vertebrae position, as they are hidden behind muscular tissues at the beginning of the surgery.

Video below diplays all the development concepts, as well as the computer tools used then. (French speaking)

The following animation shows a vertebrae, a "physical mark" position, and the alpha-blending function, showing hidden parts of the vertebrae.

Underwater civil works

2013-14 : Augmented Reality tools definition, in order to help remote manipulations of an underwater excavator.

Civil works underwater machines are remotely operated from the surface. Embedded cameras are very often rendering really poor, when not unreadable images, caused by particules in suspension.

The full and precise 3D modelization of the excavator, then the real-time analysis of the camera images, allow the perfect superimposition in alpha-blending of the exact position of the tool in action.

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