Touchless, fast and accurate

Useful to scientific and industrial worlds ...


Extracting quickly enough very precise measurements of an object or a phenomenon, getting useful quality information of a product all along its production process, if possible without any contact nor manipulation, here lie the major technologic challenges all 2D & 3D measurement companies must master now, to serve the today industrial and scientific markets.

Since 1999, VIDEOMETRIC installs and maintains industrial and scientific systems of exceptional performances, both from precision and speed aspects.
From its creation, VIDEOMETRIC designs, improves and uses :

  • "intra-image" sub-pixel libraries
  • 3D image matching libraries
  • specific & proprietary calibration methods
  • 3D visualization & measurement tools
  • robotic tools : 6 axes & Scara modelization

VIDEOMETRIC cumulates 15 years of successful experiences in new needs analysis, hundreds of high-end scientific studies, tens of industrial systems setups and maintenance.

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