3D Vision, why ?

2D & 3D industrial Vision


The use of 2D Industrial Vision tools (plane image analysis) is progressing in all productive segments. They are often mandatory to reach the "optimal quality", at every step of the production cycle : Production, assembly, packing.

It strongly helps logistics and transports, so worldwide distribution of products is achieved with the best possible efficiency.

Real world is 3D,
fast and accurate

But our reality is in 3 dimensions. To be efficient, 3D vision systems must truly answer industrial needs :

  • fast enough to be part of production cycles and improve its performances
  • accurate enough to efficiently measure the requested quality
  • cost wise to recoup them shortly in production costs.

VIDEOMETRIC technologies, optimized and field-proven for more than 15 years on various production lines, based on standard industrial components, fully respect those criteria.

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