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Since 1999, VIDEOMETRIC designs automatized industrial systems and precisely measures distances, positions and volumes.

Industrial systems in 24/7 production lines
2D & 3D Scientific measurement systems
Flexible systems, tailored to customer constraints: Field of view, robot position, lighting and environment
Full technical support
New request analysis and answer

AEBS alignment (Augmented R.)

Automotive production line 100% quality control

Numerous vehicles (Cars, trucks) are equipped with Emergency Braking feature. Permanent forefront car distance calculation and obstacle detection help to avoid or reduce car accident consequences.

AEBS (Automatic Emergency Braking System) systems use millimetric wave radar sensor, located behind car front grid.

It is mandatory to verify initial mounting, to control radar detection efficiency.

Part of the production line, VIDEOMETRIC system closely involve proprietary 3D Vision & Augmented Reality tools to control radar position against grid and emission axis. Adding the AR radar emission cone onto emission axis, system can detect a possible grid interference, calculates cone centering data, being recorded in the production system.

In manual mode, operator instantly visualizes in 3D mounting quality and the real radar cone position, added in Augmented Reality.

  • 3D Vision sequence: < 2 seconds
  • 3D/RA display: < 0,2 second
  • 3D position precision: > 3/10th mm

Automatic order fulfillment

Intralogistic system, automatizing pharmaceutical boxes picking & packing for order fulfillment purposes.
Guided by the 3D Vision system, the robot is picking one by one fragile medics boxes from specific containers, and drop them in customer pack.
3 Vision response time: 0,8 second
Reliability: 99,999% of products can be picked up
24/7 service
Each Vision system uses 6 cameras & 2 beamers

3D handling of foundry parts

Robotized furnace unloading

Precisely guided by the 3D Vision system, the robot picks up 2 hot annealed aluminium parts (400°C) whatever are their position on furnace exit.
Since 2009, 12 systems have been installed

  • 8 in Europe
  • 4 in the USA
24/7 service
Customer : Foundry group
Each system uses 2 cameras & 1 beamer

Wastebag volumetry

4 stereoscopic poles are digitizing wastebags.
Acquisition time: 6/10th second
Calculation: 5 seconds
Object distance: 4m
Volumetric precision: 2/1000th of volume (100 to 600 L)
First installation in 2007
Each system uses 8 cameras & 4 beamers

“Constant weight” cutting system

Constant volume calculation

Automatic "constant weight" cutting system, for cylindric cheese processing.
First system installed in 2010, in a major food processing company.
Each waterproof system uses 2 cameras and 1 beamer

3D dynamic measurement

3D distorsion measurement

Real-time recording (100 frames/s) of distortion of a building metallic junction part under heavy earthquake constraints
Image registration: Precision up to 500th of a pixel, then 3D distortion data is stored for further analysis.
3D position resolution: 1/100th mm on a 50x40cm surface
Customer: CEA TAMARIS, Saclay, France
Each system uses 1 camera

2D & 3D Monitoring

Real Time 3D measurement

2D & 3D Displacement measurements of targets or speckled surfaces
100 images/s dynamic analysis
Full system design, adapted to specific needs
Study examples:

  • 3D distortion of a pressured tank
  • Concrete beam behaviour under strains
  • Continuous analysis of the 3D position of a Jet engine bed (airborne)
  • Laminated timber behaviour under strains
  • Tramway track structure caving analysis
  • Railway bridges vibration analysis
  • Infrastructure stress cracks follow-up
  • Composite structure distortion analysis

Each system uses 1 or 2 cameras, as needed

CRT 3D handling

Robotized handling of cathodic ray tube roughs

CRT production plant (France)
6 systems installed in 2003
24/7 service
Each system uses 2 cameras and non-structured light

Automatic machine feeding

3D bin picking of metallic bars

Robot handles each metallic bar, nevertheless its position, orient and place it onto the tooling machine. Part basket is totally emptied.
Automatic handling of several variations of the part, varying in length, shape, colour

Run 24/7.
The "All-in-the-box" Vision system uses 6 cameras and 1 LED

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