AEBS alignment (Augmented R.)

Automotive production line 100% quality control

Numerous vehicles (Cars, trucks) are equipped with Emergency Braking feature. Permanent forefront car distance calculation and obstacle detection help to avoid or reduce car accident consequences.

AEBS (Automatic Emergency Braking System) systems use millimetric wave radar sensor, located behind car front grid.

It is mandatory to verify initial mounting, to control radar detection efficiency.

Part of the production line, VIDEOMETRIC system closely involve proprietary 3D Vision & Augmented Reality tools to control radar position against grid and emission axis. Adding the AR radar emission cone onto emission axis, system can detect a possible grid interference, calculates cone centering data, being recorded in the production system.

In manual mode, operator instantly visualizes in 3D mounting quality and the real radar cone position, added in Augmented Reality.

  • 3D Vision sequence: < 2 seconds
  • 3D/RA display: < 0,2 second
  • 3D position precision: > 3/10th mm

      System contains 4 cameras and 2 beamers


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