Random 3D bin picking

random 3D bin picking


At each "picking" cycle, the stereoscopic (or triscopic) system sends to the robot the x,y,z position of the easiest part to pick up.

This "random 3D bin picking" operation is mandatory in a lot of production industries, to feed up conveyor belts, machines or robots with parts, in automated assembly lines.

Heavy, hot, fragile, complex shaped : All parts, randomly positioned, are quickly and precisely gripped out of the bin.

A specific optical system allows a reliable random 3D picking of various metallic & shiny bars.


  • Mechanical industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Freight and postal services

Field of view:
As needed
3D Vision response time: 0,8 to 2 seconds
3D position precision: 1/2 mm at 1,80m

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