3D scanner

Digitization &
3D reconstruction


The stereo system projects structured light onto the object and analyzes its reflections. This operation (very fast : 3/10th s) is repeated as many times as necessary (depending on shape complexity), the object being rotated from a certain angle between each acquisition. Automatic fusion of all the acquired 3D point clouds creates a coherent set which finally gives, after being properly meshed , the very accurate 3D volume of the real object.

As an option, the grey or true colours can be applied to each 3D point, to render a "photo-realist" view of the 3D volume.


  • Retro-engineering, Design
  • Industrial Prototyping phase
  • 3D discrepancy checking
  • Various clothing industries
  • Architectural heritage
  • Repair/aesthetic surgery
  • Orthopedy

Digitization field: As needed
Scan speed: : 3/10th second per 3D point cloud

  • Automatic 3D point clouds fusion
  • Adaptive meshing: coplanar triangle reduction
  • 3D visualization tools
  • 3D measuring tools

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