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Use of natural or structured lighting (as needed)
Fast 3D digitization : Stereo & Triscopic optical 3D scanners
2D & 3D measurement systems of very high precision
Based on industial PC & digital matrix cameras
Optical arm structure : Aluminium, steel, carbon (waterproof upon request)

Random 3D bin picking

random 3D bin picking


At each "picking" cycle, the stereoscopic (or triscopic) system sends to the robot the x,y,z position of the easiest part to pick up.

This "random 3D bin picking" operation is mandatory in a lot of production industries, to feed up conveyor belts, machines or robots with parts, in automated assembly lines.

Heavy, hot, fragile, complex shaped : All parts, randomly positioned, are quickly and precisely gripped out of the bin.

A specific optical system allows a reliable random 3D picking of various metallic & shiny bars.


  • Mechanical industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Freight and postal services

Field of view:
As needed
3D Vision response time: 0,8 to 2 seconds
3D position precision: 1/2 mm at 1,80m

3D scanner

Digitization &
3D reconstruction


The stereo system projects structured light onto the object and analyzes its reflections. This operation (very fast : 3/10th s) is repeated as many times as necessary (depending on shape complexity), the object being rotated from a certain angle between each acquisition. Automatic fusion of all the acquired 3D point clouds creates a coherent set which finally gives, after being properly meshed , the very accurate 3D volume of the real object.

As an option, the grey or true colours can be applied to each 3D point, to render a "photo-realist" view of the 3D volume.


  • Retro-engineering, Design
  • Industrial Prototyping phase
  • 3D discrepancy checking
  • Various clothing industries
  • Architectural heritage
  • Repair/aesthetic surgery
  • Orthopedy

Digitization field: As needed
Scan speed: : 3/10th second per 3D point cloud

  • Automatic 3D point clouds fusion
  • Adaptive meshing: coplanar triangle reduction
  • 3D visualization tools
  • 3D measuring tools

3D Monitoring

Dynamic monitoring of
3D displacements


The stereoscopic system localizes the whole set of targets in the viewed scene. It records in Real-Time (120 f/s) dynamic phenomenons and renders, after calculation, successive x,y,z positions of each target.


Alternate solution: A single camera records the whole sequence in 2D (Airborne systems). A prior stereoscopic analysis of the scene allows to render the whole 3D displacement data from the single 2D sequence.


  • Firms of Architects
  • Civil engineering structures
  • Tests laboratories
  • Aeronautic studies

Field of view:As needed
Measurement pace: 120 frames/s
3D measurement precision: 1/10th mm at 20m

Structural Health Monitoring

Dynamic monitoring of
2D displacements


The stereoscopic system localizes the whole set of targets in the viewed scene. In Real-Time (90 f/s), it returns the very precise x,y coordinates of all target centers.

This "contactless" method replaces with high benefits the use of strain gauges, quite often difficult and time consuming to position, pricey in numbers, and/or non suitable for very small and fast 2D displacement studies.


  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Firms of Architects
  • Civil engineering structures
  • Tests laboratories
  • Aeronautic studies

Field of view:As needed
Measurement pace: 250 frames/s or more (camera frame rate dependent)
3D measurement resolution: 2/100thof a mm at 20m


Dynamic measurement
of 3D micro-distortions


The stereoscopic system records in real-time images of a surface, previously speckled by tiny paint spots. Afterwards, the image analysis and calculations of the image sequence returns the dynamic 3D cartography of the surface distortions.


  • Materials studies
  • Thermodynamic studies
  • Thermic & cooling equipment manufacturers

Image acquisition speed: 100 images/s
Field of view: 300x250mm
Surface setup: paint drop speckle
Z resolution: 1/10th µ

CEA LISN Labs (Gif-sur-Yvette, France)

Automated ship-to-shore connection

Real-Time 3D tracking
of 2 power connectors

The 3D Vision system calculates 90 times per second the x,y,z positions of the 2 parts, and can precisely drive sliding motors to align them perfectly, for a fully automatic, fast and secured connection.

 Two systems designed :

  • Hybrid ferry automatic shore power source connection (NG3 PLUG)
  • Automatic mooring new concept (NG3 SMART) 

  • Merchant navy
  • Harbor facilities
  • Petroleum industries, offshore
  • Chemical industries
  • New energy management: Ultra capacitor charging
  • Aeronautic (all fluid management)
Follow-up pace: : 90 information/s
Positioning precision: 1/10th mm at 3m
Recognition method: No targets nor marks
Lighting: Power controlled

  • Direct motors drive
  • Position prediction
  • Waterproof & thermo-regulated versions

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